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Spring’s Arrival

There are flowers blooming, and the birds are singing their hearts out as I type this. I think spring has finally made an arrival. I have plants in the front hall waiting for me to have a moment to put them in the ground (later today, I hope). We went to Kentucky last week, where spring is in full fling, and Dorothy-Mom sent me home with starts from her garden.

I have been waiting all winter for these days, watching life return to the browns and grays of the world around us. It might get cold again, but today I will wear a dress with a swishy skirt and revel in the sunshine and warmth.

Spring Collage

Kentucky has a head start, but I see it coming our way!

Bluebird on birdhouse

The bluebird brings color with him.


3 thoughts on “Spring’s Arrival

  1. My daffodils are several inches tall, and we’ve been hearing the frogs for several weeks (including the other evening when it was snowing!). Yesterday when we were in down I saw daffodils and narcissus in bloom! But the ground was white this morning, and we are supposed to get more snow off and on over the next week or so, though it melts off during the day. Spring is here, temperamental, as usual!


  2. Will take at least a month yet where I live. At least we have no snow left. But this was unusually warm winter for the area so there was hardly any snow at any point.

    But there is light now. I can handle cold and bad weather, and I like snow, but I hate the perpetual dark winter means in Finland.


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