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Just Before Spring

The world seems darkest, as winter lingers on, throwing her shawl of white over the shoots that dare peep out. The gray seems to have overtaken the sun, and the world is bereft of joy.

Black and white photo

Teasel rattling in the wind, dry, brittle, a left over of the summer before.

We go on each day, in faith that another follows, that there will be light, that summer returns, and there is no Never-Ending Winter.


Finally the sun will return, and warmth, and happiness.



5 thoughts on “Just Before Spring

      • My mom was having trouble with forced paperwhites. She got very upset and carried them out to the swamp at my grandmother’s house and just dumped them.

        A few summers later, I was wandering through the swamp and discovered they formed a nice clump and were blooming beautifully!


        • Daffs – and by extension, the paperwhites, although I think they aren’t as cold-hardy – are very tough. We had hundreds naturalized at the Farm, and I miss that. Don’t have any here, I was distracted in fall and forgot to plant bulbs. Oh well, there is always next season 🙂


          • It’s odd because the area is not known for it’s gentle winters, and we’d had some cold ones. Also the plant wasn’t that well protected, the bulbs being on their own hill of compost and potting soil– practically exposed. Both mom and grandma were *astonished* that they survived.

            Though grandma said she once forgot about a bunch of ordinary daffodil bulbs in a bag on the back porch– and she went back there to retrieve something a month later and they were blooming! The leaves had splayed out and grown up from having been mostly pointed down. She left them there until they died back, and planted them in the garden! They came back, but didn’t look quite as happy.


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