Dragons and Horses

I was sketching between *ahem* classes yesterday. I wouldn’t sketch in class. That would be a bad example for the younglings. Anyway…

I had been getting a daily artwork to look at through an app on my tablet, and yesterday’s was this neat work, “Frenzy of Exultations” by a Polish artist whose name I could never pronounce.  Władysław Podkowiński painted this rather controversial piece in 1889, and I’m not sure what’s going on with that poor horse’s head, nor would I personally ever ride *that* bareback, but still, something spoke to me with it.

Władysław PodkowińskiThis inspired me to sketch a dragon and rider, in pencil. I’m not sure yet where I am going to go with my art, although I can say with certainty it won’t be finished in oils. I don’t know how to use them! But digital art, or acrylics, or something… And yes, my girl is wearing a dress! LOL

Cedar Sanderson

Dragon rider in pencil, initial sketch



One thought on “Dragons and Horses

  1. One thing I notice about the picture — the woman isn’t bean-pole thin! Yeah, the horse has a funny-looking head!

    If you want some idea of what real dragons looked like (assuming that they are actually all extinct), go to ancient art — it’s undoubtedly somewhat stylized, but probably a lot more accurate than some of the modern conceptions by people who’ve never actually seen one.


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