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I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but growing up I read a lot of my father’s books. To be honest, I read everything in sight, but… this is relevant to today’s review. I don’t remember the first Clive Cussler I read, and it didn’t take me long to know they were all eerily similar. Still, they were fun! I had a crush for years on Dirk Pitt, although his sidekick was fun, too… anyway. I also read a lot of ERB which I know I’ve mentioned here before.

Larry Correia book-bombed Chuck Dixon’s Cannibal Gold a while back, and it looked interesting, as well as the price being right, so I scooped it up. Generally, anything Larry likes, I’m going to as well (in books, at least!). I read it in a sitting the other night. It’s been a while since a book got me to do that, I’m too busy and can’t focus on fiction recently.

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So here’s the thing… It’s a lot of Cussler, the Lost World, and a little Richard Marcinko. That last conparison is why I’m not 100% over the moon for this book. I want a hero I can cheer for, that I can really root for, and LIKE. This book doesn’t give you that. In fact, there’s no character in it I could really engage with. The victim that is being rescued is plucky, sure, and the main viewpoint Ranger is not all bad, but there was a disconnect. I wasn’t looking for a romance, and I did enjoy the rough cameraderie between the men, but… Something was lacking.

This is an action time-travel novel, not a character development story. Once I came to grips with that, it’s a fun romp. I like that it’s open for a sequel, which I bought, and I will enjoy that one, as well, although I am hoping for more depth of character in it. Fun, improbable, adventures…

Where are the heroes who we can stand up and cheer for? I was reminded of another book I’d been reading (and have currently given up on. Don’t know if I’ll go back) by Matt Bracken, Castigo Cay. I’m so sick of main characters who are wishy-washy, don’t stand for anything, angst-ridden and depressing. I want more guys who fight for their loved ones, stand for something, and have us on the edge of our seats hoping they will succeed, win through, and get the goal (whatever it is).


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