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500 times

Stack of books and woman

Not this year’s books, but this gives you an idea of having my hands full!

WordPress tells me this is my 500th blog post on this blog. It’s a milestone…

I was thinking, again (a dangerous pasttime, I know) about this blog, and why I do it. It started out as a mommy blog, a way to share pictures and anecdotes of my family with far-flung relatives. Scattered updates, and carefully-written posts to conceal the turmoil in my personal life at the time. Because it was about the children, not me.

Now, it’s my writing blog, and as I have added more and more time and posts, I see myself changing. I’m becoming more and more confident with passing time, enough so to withstand attacks and demands to take the blog down last year when I angered someone by reporting a public comment that was later regretted. I have no regrets there. I’m glad I stood up and didn’t cave in, because I would have, once upon a time.

I may not be writing, while school is ‘in’ but I rest assured that when my brain isn’t straining over math, chemistry, Spanish, and assorted Epidemiology papers, I will be able to write. At one point, I thought I’d lost that ability entirely. Now I know better. Writing is a part of me, permanently, whether I like it or not! Some days I think it would be nice to be more logically math-brained and less wildly creative artistic type. I feel so disorganized and I would rather be that type-A on top of everything in my life… Ah, well. I am what I was made, and I will rejoice in it.

I’ll keep blogging daily, even though the entries may at times be short, and lean more towards a selected photo, or funny anecdotes than long well-researched articles. I’m not sure if I should apologize for that, or you are all going ‘whew!’ I will be snippeting Methuselah Germ a few more times, then publishing it, most likely mid-to-late March. Trickster Noir will come out about a month after that, and then I have something completely different I’m working on, which will come out under a penname. I may snippet it here, or over on my publisher’s blog.

I do have Spring Break coming, and I’m torn between going up to New Hampshire for a flying visit, and spending it editing and formatting Trickster Noir. And writing! What, you thought I’d go to the beach for Spring Break? I’m a bit old for those shenanigans!

I posted today over on Mad Genius Club about my concerns on where radicalization of ‘diversity issues’ is taking genre fiction, and what reader pushback could result it. It aint’ pretty, from where I’m sitting as both an author and a reader. I’m sure the comment section over there will be lively for the next day or so as we discuss that. Here, I’m going to leave you with the thought that….

Nah. I am rarely profound on purpose, and I haven’t had coffee yet. I’m just an entertainer. Whether it’s later today, as I put on the red nose and create ephemeral art to amuse the younglings at a party, or on paper, when you my readers pick up my stories and enjoy the worlds that fall out of my head. It’s all I want to be, entertaining. So Enjoy!


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    • The problem is that while it’s my spring break, it isn’t theirs. So I’d drive up for part of a weekend. I may still. Even for hugs and few hours, it’s worth the 26 hours of driving…


  1. “The problem is that while it’s my spring break, it isn’t theirs.” I remember the disappointment when I went all the way from Oregon during spring break to see you–and it wasn’t your spring break. Even so, I was very glad to see you, and we did have some quality time together.


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