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Car Wrecks and Egg Wrecks

So the first is just a little bump on the behind, and the second is full out laughing one’s head off at the coming disaster.

I’ve mentioned before I follow a few retro-recipe blogs, for amusement and potential recipe ideas. This one popped up into my email this morning, and as I looked at the photos of the original recipe I started to laugh. Sanford looked over my shoulder at the screen, and I pointed at the photo in question and spluttered: “Schlock in a Boat!”

weird recipes

Look, it’s Schlock, in a boat!

Needless to say, I won’t be making eggs with strained peas in them. Although Schlock would probably eat them, he’ll eat anything.

Schlock Mercenary

Schlock, the amorph.

Oh, and the bump on the behind? I’m fine. Car has been better, but that can be fixed. I’m out of sorts and have math and classes today (plus the prospect of a long sit in the repair shop, yay /sarc font/) so you get a short and silly blog today.


4 thoughts on “Car Wrecks and Egg Wrecks

    • I’ve been stiff and sore, but no visible bruising or lingering effects I don’t think. I hit the seatbelt hard enough to feel it. Car is… yeah likely going to be replaced.

      I started laughing so hard at that picture Sanford just had to come see!


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