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Alaska Bush Mother Art

I’m very proud to be giving my grandmother, La Vaughn Kemnow, a little assistance with her memoir of life on an Alaskan Homestead in the 1950s. I had no idea of the story of my mother’s childhood, and this has been a poignant labor, converting the interior and cover files for publication. I don’t know yet when it will be available, beyond soon, but I wanted to show the artwork that will grace the cover. These are her photographs, and the little ones are my mother, aunts, and uncles.

Alaska Bush Mother

The front cover, and hopefully the ebook cover as well.

La Vaughn Kemnow

The full spread for the print edition


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  1. One thing I deeply regret about the years we lived in Alaska when you were young was that we never took you girls to see where I grew up. I did take your dad one day when we were that direction, but we didn’t have you girls with us, don’t remember why.


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