Almost Done

Whiteboard lists

The author in front of her list of projects in process… never done!

I have one final left, tomorrow. Actually, it’s a presentation, with an accompanying paper, so I am not really worried about it. Today I have an off day, which will likely be full of, well, life. I have my First Reader home with me, so I’m not going to be online much, but I wanted to do something on the blog.

I’ve been thinking about the semester being almost done, I’m going to really miss some of the classes. I have another semester (and another, and another… I’m only half through my sophmore year) to look forward to, at least. I’d be a professional studen tif I could get away with it. I love learning. Some of the procedures of getting through classes are annoying, but I am addicted to absorbing new, interesting information, or at least getting a refreshed look at old things.

I expect to be learning my whole life. There are things I wish I could take classes for, like Latin, that aren’t offered by the college. On the other hand, I don’t know when I would find time to study it just for the joy of learning. I feel like I need to justify my time usage. It needs to have a purpose, and usually does, even things like reading blogs in the morning, for ideas and inspiration as well as keeping up with technology and my chosen industries. I’ll never be done learning.

I’ll never be done writing, either. I had an acquaintance email me asking if I was interested in finishing a story he had started writing, that he wasn’t going to finish it. It took me a while to formulate how to respond to that. I have more ideas of my own than I can possibly ever finish, and less time to write them than I would like. Added to that, I don’t know if I could take someone else’s idea and follow it out to an end without disappointing them, or frustrating me. I don’t write (or read) fanfiction because it’s not how my mind works. I get an idea (even the ones from my Evil Muse) and my mind either says, “oh, we can work with this,” or “meh.” Then I’m off and running. I don’t carefully formulate my worlds, build my characters from scratch, and outline in depth. I do check to make sure I’m maintaining continuity and not ‘breaking’ my characters by having them do theings that are out of character, but that’s a running process, not beforehand, because often I don’t know ahead of time what they are up to. So writing in someone else’s world is barely possible, but not with somone else’s characters.

And now I need to be done with this blog, so I can do what needs to be done around her, like laundry, picking up a balloon order, and putting up doors (ongoing house renovations, andother thing that is never done!) before I can relax and enjoy my dear man.