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Beautiful America: Thanksgiving

I give thanks for so many things. The beauty that surrounds me daily, my children, my loved ones, the opportunity to go back to school. I won’t be cooking a big meal this year, as there are only two of us to eat it, but I will be remembering the ones I have lovingly prepared before, while the kids helped.

This is a glimpse into my memories… Not just meals, but family, and cooking together, and the messes, and the torpor of a couch and a book after the meal!

For at #4

Dad all dressed up to go create an anachronism: Franch and Indian War reenactors serving Thanksgiving Dinner.

Reading and relaxing

Relaxing after Thanksgiving. And reading, of course!

Learning to Can

Grandfather and grandson working together in the kitchen

Kids cooking

Floury monster hands, Aaaah!

Teen Cooking

Not Thanksgiving dinner, but my red-head loves to cook!

Teen cooking

The rare American teen who can really cook…


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    • He was about five – if he knew that line, he would have used it! The flour hands monster thing goes back to my Dad doing it to us, so of course I taught my kids by chasing them around the kitchen, and as you see, it’s catching.


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