Beautiful America: First Snow

So I didn’t post this morning because it’s been awfully busy here in Southern Ohio, with Pixie Noir needing final checks before it goes to print, school pressing for my attention, and this morning, waking up to snow. The first snow of the year was always a magical thing for me, as a young person because it might mean sledding or skiing (cross-country. I don’t careen down hills, that stuff’s nuts!) and in high school, a day off from that. When I was a bit older, and had my own children, I always love seeing their reactions to it. They get so excited.

As an adult driver, like this morning, I’m more aware that it’s slick, dangerous, cold, and nasty. But there is still something wonderful in that first snow of the year. And the serenity of walking in a hushed wood in deep snow, with more coming down, is a priceless memory.

snow fall

Freshly fallen snow clinging to everything… the world falls silent.

anow on spirea

Snow on a seedhead of spirea.


My bootprint, and my then 7 year-old son’s track.

Freshly fallen snow

Bright sun… so pretty as long as you don’t have to drive in it!

Ducks in snow

Pekin Ducks in the snow – they had shelter, but seemed to enjoy their new-found camoflage abilities.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful America: First Snow

  1. Don’t know if ours qualifies as a “first snow”. We just got enough to cover the grass but not to cover streets, driveways and sidewalks. Most of it is gone now.


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