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In my other business, I frequently work for tips, or at least partly for tips. So I know that feeling of someone slipping a larger bill than anticipated in my hand and telling me “you did a great job, thank you!”

So how, you might ask, can you tip an author? You sat quietly and read their story, they weren’t coming by your table to check and make sure you were enjoying it, topping off your beverage, or fashioning you a wacky and wild balloon hat. I had an idea on this, having given away more than 300 copies of my story Snow Angel last week during the Human Wave Garage Sale. What if you read a free story – there are a lot of them out there – by an indie author, and you really enjoy it. Not only can you go right out and buy more by that author (Please, Do! and not only for me, but the others who participated in the sale) but you can leave a review of their story.

I know some of you find the idea of leaving reviews difficult. Memories of childhood and delivering book reports aloud in class has scarred you. But you don’t need to be in-depth, or leave a long review, just touch on what you liked, and if you didn’t, be honest. “Remember, this is for posterity, so please, be honest.” – The Princess Bride

We, the few, the proud, the indie… geez, I’m corny tonight, I must be more tired than I thought! – need you, the readers. We need you not only to buy our stuff, but to help us build a tide of word-of-mouth that will help others find our work. What’s in it for you? More stories you like to read. More sales, like this one, that enable you to find new authors, stock up on favorites for less, or perhaps gift copies to those you would like to hook – er, introduce to us Indies.

What say you? Can you spare a few minutes to tip your author?

And look… Amazon put it on sale for you all!

5 thoughts on “Tip the Author

  1. i have never worked for tips and in fact, I came along at the right exact moment to cash in on the horrendous software and hardware platform known as the “IBM PC.” I don’t, in fact, have to work at all. Besides, I’m retired. 😀 Still, I have pride and an ego and while I’m not overly successful as a writer, the last two months I’ve banked checks from Amazon that totaled more than my mortgage payment. I am an intensely private person. Still, I have pride and an ego. For years I’ve run a website where I post my work and those of other writers. I am as pleased as punch that two of the writers on my site have gone indie and a third is going to. Like I said, I have pride and an ego. Pride and ego though have to take second fiddle to a desire to tell lies, er be a storyteller. It’s an odd dichotomy. I’ve read “Snow Angel” and didn’t review it — it simply isn’t my cup of tea. Clashing space fleets and heroic derring-do! That’s me! I apologize in advance! (In my defense I grew up reading EE Smith and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and now I read David Weber and Bujold. Go figure!)


    • LOL – Snow Angel is a very sweet, constrained story, not at all like some of my others. I think you’d like Pixie Noir when it comes out in November, as it has unlikely heroes and lots of action. But I write what I want to , so the short stories are all over the place, from the quiet to the more confrontational like Twisted Breath of God. Not all of them are going to appeal to one person.

      Pride and ego still get rubbed by good reviews, I would think… And I ought to read more of your series since I dove into it at the end book rather than the beginning!


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  3. “But I write what I want, so the short stories are over the place.”

    Oh, that was the story of my almost-career back in my 20s, with one agent after another telling me to stop writing “that other crap.” Not that any of them ever agreed which genre was “that other crap,” of course!

    Started reading “Memories of the Abyss” last night, by the way. Really interesting, ambitious piece so far.


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