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What a Day

Nero Wolfe

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the pages for a while…

It has been a day of achievements. My blog post is up at ASM, the Genderless Mind? which I am very pleased with, I did a good bit of research to write that one. Using gender to fully develop characters requires first knowing something about male/female brains and how they differ.

I wrote almost 6000 words today on Pixie Noir, finally wrapping up the first part, effectively Act 1: Fight or Flight from Alaska. I’m looking at 37K words so far, this is going to be a nice long novel! I’m also worn out from that, and it’s a hot day, so I may go sit in the shade and have a popsicle and read. Lazy evening planned. I may marinate some more, too… 

Lastly, on a more silly note, ordered three fox tails to cosplay my shifter role as a kitsune in Sarah Hoyt’s Goldport universe. If you like contemporary fantasy, with extraordinary characters and stories that are a blast to read, check them out. OOOh!!! Go look, the kindle version is free! Hah! I had no idea until I went to get the link for you. *gleefully rubs hands* I know what I’ll be re-reading tonight! Click on the cover below.