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Digging into Writing

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I compare two of my favorite pasttimes to one another, gardening and writing. Also, how editing is a lot like weeding!

Bowl of heirloom tomatoes

Gardening feeds your family’s bodies, writing feeds your reader’s minds.


One thought on “Digging into Writing

  1. Good analogy. Also, let’s say it like it is . . . editing IS weeding. And I’m thinking that gardening may strengthen the mind as well as the body (referring to the planning, preparing the soil, and the physical effort of planting, weeding hoeing, etc.) It all requires thinking. This may just be a flight of my fancy, but maybe . . .

    By the way, I don’t write fiction; so far I’ve written historical family stuff. I enjoy reading the questions and comments here, but would like to find a place to have my writing and covers critiqued. Any ideas?


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