Cover And Blurb Clinic

I’ve submitted one of my covers for a much-needed critique. There are pearls of wisdom here, not only in the blog post, but in the comments, so keep reading to the very end.

Mad Genius Club

Guys, with the understanding that I’m not wonderful, not even close to the best at this — the best at this is Kevin J. Anderson, which is a good example of people getting natural gifts when (theoretically at least) they don’t need it — if you want to post your covers here, and your blurbs, and have me critique them and maybe change a few of them to show how to improve them, feel free.

Again, ideally, you’d have a designer do this.  And again, ideally, the person offering to do a clinic wouldn’t be someone like me, still struggling with it.  But sometimes the partially blind helping the partially blind works — witness my first writers’ group and all their ignorance and yet together we all managed to get published… eventually.

I hope Mark Alger, if he’s around, will pitch in on the comments.  Again, I’m not an expert…

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