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I took a two-week hiatus from my Amazing Stories Magazine posts while I was moving, but I’m back into the routine with an interview with Michael J Sullivan. He’d reached out to me after the short series of self-published author interviews I had conducted a while back, and as he is a hybrid author, I was pleased to add his insights to the series. 

Not sure what I will talk about this coming week, settling in the new house has me tired out and feeling like I’m chasing my tail most days, as we work on projects but always need just one more component to complete them… I’m trying to be patient. I’d planned to be back on a routine today, but as it’s a holiday it will wait until Wednesday. Tomorrow I go to a car auction, which has me nervous as I’ve never done anything like that before. 

Writing hasn’t even been on my horizon since I got here. Nest building, being able to use my kitchen, put books away, and many other things, have had all my attention, leaving nothing for creativity. I’ve left Lom and Bella of Pixie Noir on an endless ferry ride to Bellingham, and Bella needs her lessons in how to use Magic before they go Underhill. So in a day or so I will start pushing the writing, even if I have to do major edits later on. In the meantime, a trip to the hardware store is in order. Stress suppresses creation. 


4 thoughts on “Back at ASM

  1. Loved your V.K.! Met with Mo, talked some about Sci-Fi. Hope more to follow. So many potential story lines; what happened to Loki et al? Percy did not make me want more; Linn has left me hanging, such a tease! Hope you settle in soon. Thank you for the different perspective.


    • So glad you liked VK, Daniel, and pleased to ‘meet’ you. There will be more of Linn’s story, although it will take me some time to research and write it.


  2. You’ll get into the swing of it in due time. You are very right when you say stress suppressesses creation (or creativity!). I enjoyed reading about Linn’s adventures–posted a review. I actually said that I thought my granddaughter would like the book!


    • I’m happy, just busy. The stress of moving I anticipated, just didn’t plan for how long it would take us to get certain projects finished. Or that In pushing too hard I’d wear both of us out! How is Bush Mother coming?


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