Watch City Festival

I spent my weekend at a Steampunk event. It was rainy and chilly at times, but there were a few thousand people passing through the park, and many were in costume and playing the part. I spent my time explaining what steampunk is, painting faces, and selling my book. That last was very rewarding, to talk to people about it, and have them decide they wanted it. I also started a steampunk themed story, about a Mad Librarian, named Isabelle Withay with the help of a couple of girls who stopped to talk to me at my booth. Girls, I hope you find this, and email me… you get a copy of the story when it’s done!

I don’t have time for a proper, long report, as I must get ready to move this weekend. So I took a lot of pictures, and I will let them speak for themselves. The raw feed of all photos I took is up at Flickr, if you want me to add your name to a photo you are in, contact me and I will make it happen.

Steampunk Event

A happy crew in costume. The mundane in the group is the lively Elln Hagney, who headed up the event’s organization.

Cedar's steampunk adventure

Opening Ceremonies at the Gazebo

Steampunk character

An Old Explorer

Watch City Festival

The cherry trees made great backdrops for lush costuming.

Watch City Festival

Elaborate and beautiful costumes

Watch City Festival

Cool costumes and cooler weaponry

Watch City Festival

Costumes varied as much as the people did.

Watch City Festival

A steampunk’d Arm… the armature under the skin is showing

Watch City Festival

Cedar and her victim – er, living canvas for a cut-away view of a steampunk arm.


DSC01439 DSC01379

Watch City Festival

Sam plays the banjo under the cherry.

DSC01383 DSC01394 DSC01397 DSC01421