This is a really good book, I always enjoy Dave’s work, but this one caught me in a way few books do. I have re-read it twice now, and it’s just better every time. I have a weakness for border collies, and Dileas is a very special dog. The Dragon Fionn is a wonderful character, he reminds me strongly of someone special.

Coal-Fired Cuttlefish

I believe – no one tells authors these things, what do they have to do with their books? and of what possible interest could it be to their readers and followers, after all? – that the Paperback launch of DOG & DRAGON was today. I believe Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster (who do a laughable -in the if I don’t laugh I’m gonna cry sense job of distribution of my books for Baen) are having a ‘how’s-your-father’ which means B&N have apparently reduced their order by 90% – only taking bestsellers. So: if you haven’t got a copy, if you want a copy, or want to support a struggling author to the princely tune of 7.99 (yes, I will get 64 cents of that :-)) – please, it’s available.

(that’s a link, folks, if you click on the picture. I get almost just as much from you using…

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