Crocus and Spring Iris at their Peak.

What an exciting day! Not only is it a beautiful day outside, we got our new printer/copier today. We’ve signed up with a program that gives us a new printer in exchange for our commitment to print a certain number of pages each month, and to buy supplies from them. We’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until recently that we knew we could print enough to qualify. So we spent half the day setting that up, but it does lovely work, I am so excited about adding color and quality to my flyers and stuff, not to mention being able to do it all here instead of Staples of Kinkos.
It’s nice and warm out – I took out the bathroom rugs and scrubbed them on the driveway, and did Johann’s exersaucer too. It was pretty crummy from Grampa’s birthday celebration, because we gave him a piece of brownie sundae. Poor Dad, right in the middle of dinner Pippa came down with the stomach bug that Glady brought home earlier this week. That kind of put a hitch in our party. I forgot to give him his presents until this morning. He’s turned fifty now, but he doesn’t look it – or act it, for that matter!
Johann is wearing a little Hawaiian shirt today, and he looks sooo cute in it. His hair is really coming in, and looking more than a bit red. I was carrying him around in the backpack most of the morning, and he really appreciated that. He hasn’t been down to play on the floor as much as he would like – I wasn’t feeling well last week, and the house caught up with me. But today I am catching up with it.
Speaking of which, I have phone calls and paperwork and dinner and dishes and laundry and…. Bye for now!


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